Saturday, May 15, 2010

Pages 5 and 6

Are we all happy it is the weekend??  I sure am!  Matt and I have a fun and relaxing weekend ahead of us. We are thinking a bike ride and Iron Man 3.  It has been such nice weather lately.  All I want to do is ride on my new bike!

Do you remember the book I posted awhile ago that I made for my friend Beth and her baby girl?  Well, baby Beckett (isn't that the cutest name??) was born a couple of weeks ago.  Here is a picture of Beckett, Beth, and I.

Beth is fabulous at design.  Her home is gorgeous - you can see her beautiful chair in this photo.  

Matt loves Beckett.  Isn't he a natural??

On to crafty things, I can't wait to share some other projects I've been working on.  As soon as this book is fully posted, I'll share.  Here are the pages for months 5 and 6.

Have a wonderful weekend!!  

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  1. oops - I mean Iron Man 2! We just saw it and it was a lot of fun.