Thursday, April 29, 2010

National Scrapbooking Day!!

I know that all of you have been counting down the days to National Scrapbooking Day..... yeah, right!  This Saturday, May 1st, is National Scrapbooking Day!  Oh what should I do....

Here is a little book I started forever ago and I am just about done with it.  I think it will be one of my first items on my etsy shop.

Enjoy your weekend!

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Paper Source Goodness

I LOVE Paper Source.  It is my go-to shop for smaller projects, invitations, card making, etc.

My good friend Coralanne is getting married this summer and she asked me to be one of her matrons of honor.  I feel so honored and touched.  We've been friends since we were four and I am so excited for her big day.  I can't wait for her upcoming shower and bachelorette party that I am helping throw for her and of course jumped at the opportunity to make her invitations.  Here is what I got today.

Aren't they the prettiest??  I love the color scheme. 

That beautiful mum is just the prettiest thing around.  Can't wait to use it!

Matt's friend Mike was in town with his wife Ashley this weekend.  We went all over LA which was fun because although we live here, we don't often tour LA.  What were you guys all up to this weekend?

Friday, April 23, 2010


I have so many blogs that I visit on a daily basis.  There is just so much inspiration out there!  One of my favorites is Paige Evans.  She is super talented and has such creative designs.  I saw a card on her blog and just had to make it.  So, here is my version of the card.  Enjoy!

....I apologize for the poor lighting.  I finished this one late at night and had to give it away the next day.  I prefer to photograph using natural daylight but it just didn't work out this time....

You can find her card at

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Love These Flowers

First of all, it is raining here in Pasadena and I LOVE it.... especially because it is after 2:35.  Gotta love it when it rains after the kiddos leave the classroom!

Here are a couple more pictures of the felt flowers that I'm obsessed with.  Enjoy!  

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Felt Flowers

First, THANK YOU for all of the wonderful comments and thoughts you have all sent my way.  Thank you for all of the encouragement.  You guys are the best!

I've been making these fun little felt flowers lately.  I have so many ideas for what to use them for - add them to a soft headband for baby girls, put on the cover of a mini album, add a safety pin to the back and use as a pin for my sweaters, and the list goes on.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Beth's Book

Here is Beth's baby book in full.  I had so much fun making this book!  Enjoy the pictures!  Warning - this post is very image heavy!

Page 1: I've been obsessed with flowers lately - you'll notice many throughout this book.

Page 2: You've seen this page.  For this book, every page on the left side is graph paper.  Beth can journal on this page as much or as little as she wants.  I also put the little rectangle label on each page with graph paper for Beth to put the date of the picture. 

Page 3: I got the idea for the bottom of this page from one of my favorite designers, Christine Middlecamp.  I punched circles using my 1 inch circle, folded in the sides, cut the circles in half, and lined them up under the brown cardstock.  

Page 6: I love the vintage birdcage on this page.  

Page 8: You've seen this page before.  

Ok, this loooong post is over!  Thanks for reading and looking at all of the pictures!

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Sneak Peek

Matt and I just got back from the best week ever in Maui.  We had so many fun adventures and just had the best time together.  I'll post pictures soon.

I've been dying to post again.  My wonderful friend Beth is about (and I mean any day now) to have a sweet baby girl.  Here is a sneak peek of the book I made for her and her little girl.  I'll post the whole thing soon.