Thursday, August 30, 2012

my two guys

Oh how my two guys love to play with each other.  :)

Have a lovely day!


Thursday, August 23, 2012

birth announcements

In my last post I showed some sneaks of a project I was working on and I'm finally here to share it!! Val's (my lovely sister-in-law) dear friend, Jacque, had a baby girl and she asked me to make her birth announcements.  What an honor! I know how special it is to announce to the world that your bundle of joy has arrived so this project meant so much to me.

Jacque and her husband, Fed, decorated their sweet Eva's room in grey and pink.  They wanted something modern yet still feminine to match her room colors.  They have an adorable banner hanging in her room so of course I incorporated a banner into the design.

Of course I went with Paper Source papers because their colors are divine and the quality of their papers can't be beat.  We used cement colored card stock and mounted it on strawberry.  The bolder pink, rounded corners, clear font, and charcoal print gave the invitation some modern elements.  

The banner.  Oh how I still love banners.  I used a variety of papers to make this eclectic banner, sewed it on, and added a little e for sweet Eva.  I am pleased with how this feminine, whimsical banner softened the invitation for a little girl.  

Another close up of the details :)

I really enjoyed this project.  If you are in need of any cards, announcements, tags, or invitations, I would love to partner with you!  Remember to start thinking Christmas cards!  

Have a wonderful day!  

Ellie :)