Tuesday, January 31, 2012

5 months

The boy is almost 6 months and I'm just now getting to posting his 5 month pictures!  This just seems to be the way I do these posts.  Oh, well.

So, at 5 months, this boy.....

... is such a joy to us.  We never knew we would love being parents so much.  It is seriously the best thing ever.  Why did we wait so long to have you, sweet J??

... still gets this look of wonder.  He soaks things in for a long time before he reacts.  When meeting new people, he stares and stares and then warms up and interacts more.  Sounds familiar.  

... is about 15 1/2 pounds.  He drinks 7 ounces four times a day.  We are starting solids on Sunday, his 6 month birthday.  Don't worry, we'll have the camera ready.  

... has his toes in his mouth all. of. the. time.  Even during baths!  

... smiles and laughs.  His laugh is the most delightful squeal. Matt and I find ourselves doing whatever we can to make him laugh.  

... still likes to stick his arms and legs straight out.  He alternates between this and the toes in his mouth.  

... is trying to sit.  He's almost there!! 

... is reaching out trying to grab everything.  It's crazy how fast this skill has developed.

... LOVES to play with Dadda.  Matt can make him laugh and squeal more than any other.  It's pretty darn cute.  And whenever Matt comes home, J smiles soooo big, pumps his legs, squeals, and can't wait to play.  I foresee plenty of Daddy - Son bonding in our future :)  Oh, and I apologize for the gross drool shot.  This is our life folks.

... loves rolling over in his bed.  He moves around so much when we put him down that he usually gets his arms and legs stuck in the crib and freaks (and I don't blame him).  We'll have to put that bumper up but until he's rolling both ways easily, I'm just a little too nervous to do it.  

.... and he is pretty much the cutest baby in the whole world.  Or at least that's what we think.

Monday, January 30, 2012

project life week 1

Project Life week 1 done (and 2 but that will be posted later) and we are enjoying it over here in the Abney household.  It's so fun to document and celebrate the small moments.

Lots of letter stickers, washi tape, and October Afternoon here.  I used Picasa to format my pictures for this week but have since learned how to use Photoshop (Thanks, Matt!!) and I like it so much more.  

Lots of fun this week including the Rose Bowl, a date night to Mohawk Bend, capturing my tendency to stock up on baby stuff whenever it's on sale, and a few of J's milestones.  

I think the biggest thing I'm learning is to not obsess over each individual card but instead focus on the whole.  

More to share soon!!  


a peek

Come take a peek into our home.

Thursday, January 26, 2012

some favorites

I'm going through J's 5 month photo shoot that we did on Saturday and here are some favorites.

He tries to sit....

....and he falls.

With Dadda.

My little sweet boy.

Sunday, January 22, 2012

project life 2012 cover page

This year I am so excited to be doing Project Life.  Wait.  Let me clarify.  Matt and I are so excited for me to be doing project life.  Project Life is a system created by Becky Higgins that helps you to focus on the everyday life.  It helps you focus on the stories that happen in the small moments, not just the big ones.
I could explain the ins and outs of it but Lisa does it much better than I can.  Matt is thrilled about this project because already we are remembering the small stories in 2012 - the little things that would escape our memory if they weren't documented.  I love it for this reason but I also enjoy playing with paper. :)

So here is my title page for Project Life 2012.

Becky Higgins sells kits with patterned cards to fit the pockets.  I chose to use my stash because I always get new product but am never able to use it all on traditional layouts.  This title page is pretty straight forward.  It is a nice mix of October Afternoon, plenty of washi tape, left over Amy Tangerine, and some Studio Calico.  For my pictures, I'm using my iPhone, my Nikon, and my wonderful little Instax Mini that Matt got me for Christmas.

And here is the reason I'm doing Project Life this year....


Wednesday, January 18, 2012


time: 11:20 PM - yeah, it's late for me.  Matt's out and I always stay up late when he's not home.
location: in my bed
weather: It's been in the 60s this week.  It's been so nice wearing cardigans again.
eating: nothing now but I did eat popcorn earlier.  I've been loving me some popcorn lately.
drinking: water - must. drink. less. diet coke.
loving: my sweet little bundle in the room next door.  I really can't get enough.
wondering: if it's possible for him to get any cuter... nope!  I know, I know...I'm biased.
enjoying: the fact that I got a lot done on project life tonight (more on that later).  I love late night crafting.
accomplishing: today a lot b/c the boy slept so long!  Go little J!
thinking: Stroller Strides is going to come bright and early tomorrow morning and it's gonna hurt. 

Ellie :)

Thursday, January 12, 2012

project life

Yes, I am jumping in on the project life bandwagon and couldn't be more excited.  More on that to come but here is proof that I was having waaaay too much fun working on it last night.  So much fun in fact that I didn't go to bed until 12:30 (that's LATE for me) even though I knew my sweet one would be up bright and early.  It's so worth every tired bone in my body.  :)