Monday, January 30, 2012

project life week 1

Project Life week 1 done (and 2 but that will be posted later) and we are enjoying it over here in the Abney household.  It's so fun to document and celebrate the small moments.

Lots of letter stickers, washi tape, and October Afternoon here.  I used Picasa to format my pictures for this week but have since learned how to use Photoshop (Thanks, Matt!!) and I like it so much more.  

Lots of fun this week including the Rose Bowl, a date night to Mohawk Bend, capturing my tendency to stock up on baby stuff whenever it's on sale, and a few of J's milestones.  

I think the biggest thing I'm learning is to not obsess over each individual card but instead focus on the whole.  

More to share soon!!  



  1. Hey Ellie,
    How many pics. are you fitting on a card? Favorite part so far? I'm loving what you are sharing.

  2. Thanks, Deb! I'm still figuring out exactly how many pictures to put on each card. A lot of it depends on how many pictures I have from the week. I am waiting for the design a page protectors (check them out on amazon or at where I'd have 4 4x6 pics and 4 3x4 on each page. Sometimes I use the small cards as journaling and sometimes I put a picture just depends.

    I'm loving so much about doing it! You know me, I have to be creative and have something going. This is fun because even if I only have 5 free minutes, I can whip up a card and add it to the week's sheet. I also love that I'm getting back to the heart of scrapbooking - the point is documenting the memories. All of the crafty stuff is fun but it isn't the point.

    Thanks for following! Have you decided if you are going to do it?