Wednesday, January 18, 2012


time: 11:20 PM - yeah, it's late for me.  Matt's out and I always stay up late when he's not home.
location: in my bed
weather: It's been in the 60s this week.  It's been so nice wearing cardigans again.
eating: nothing now but I did eat popcorn earlier.  I've been loving me some popcorn lately.
drinking: water - must. drink. less. diet coke.
loving: my sweet little bundle in the room next door.  I really can't get enough.
wondering: if it's possible for him to get any cuter... nope!  I know, I know...I'm biased.
enjoying: the fact that I got a lot done on project life tonight (more on that later).  I love late night crafting.
accomplishing: today a lot b/c the boy slept so long!  Go little J!
thinking: Stroller Strides is going to come bright and early tomorrow morning and it's gonna hurt. 

Ellie :)

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