Wednesday, December 18, 2013

chevron baby blanket

My sweet niece, Myla,  came into the world in September.  I love her so much already and loved her the instant I met her.  She is such a sweet baby and is such a little people person already.  She loves to lay on your chest, stare into your eyes, and giggle/flirt.  As I said, I love her.  

So when she was born, I wanted her to have a little blanket.  Kala (my sister in law) did her room in coral, gold, mint, and navy.  She did such a great job with it and it totally reflects Kala's awesome style.  I wanted the blanket to match her room so that it wasn't something Kala felt like she needed to keep in a drawer.  

 The act of making a baby blanket is so special to me.  The hours spent making each stitch - it feels like an act of praying over that baby and her life.  Knowing the blanket will keep her warm and bring her comfort - it's like getting to know her and take care of her before she was even here.

This is definitely a pattern I'll use again.  The blanket is perfect for a stroller or carseat - it's big enough to cover her and keep her warm but not so big that it takes up too much space. 

I really like the way this pattern lays - the way the blanket naturally ripples.  

I used this pattern from eat, knit & diy and highly recommend it if you want to make your own.