Sunday, May 20, 2012

[project life] week 7

Week 7 aka Valentine's Day week.

We had a great week!  Since I completed this week long ago, it's fun to look back and remember all we did.

I enjoyed using these wood veneers for the heart bullet points.  The entire scrapbooking industry (myself included) are obsessed with wood veneers.  Other great ones are all from Studio Calico: birdspeoplecameras, and mini stars.  I also used plenty of wonderful washi tape and label stickers - they are my main project life staple products.  

Highlights from the week:

  • Flowers, a beautiful necklace, and a gorgeous sweater from Matt. 
  • Breakfast for dinner on Valentine's Day night.
  • The boy using a bath chair (that we used only 2 times - so not worth it)
  • J's first overnight at Beth and Ed's so Matt and I could go out for Valentine's Day weekend celebration.  We went to an amazing restaurant, Chaya, had drinks at Public School, and went to a hotel.  Thanks Beth and Ed for watching our sweet J!
  • Matt's early birthday present - a BOB stroller. 
I hid the note with instructions for J's first overnight in the cute chevron glasslike envelope.  I think I'll be using this idea again soon.  

Thanks for checking in!  


Wednesday, May 16, 2012

he's cruisin'

So this sweet munchkin is on the move!  He is busy, busy, busy crawling everywhere, constantly pulling himself up, and CRUISING.  Yes, he is already trying to figure out how to walk.  How is this possible!?  He's only 9 months!!

Well, this new found skill that he's working on has messed with his sleep.  I feel so lucky that my baby boy is a good sleeper.  He has spoiled us with many months of nights of 12 hours of uninterrupted sleep.  I'm sorry if that bothers those of you who have babies who wake up a lot - they all have their issues.  Don't even get me started on J's feeding issues.  Anyway, for the last several weeks (except for while we were on vacation - thank you, J) he has not been sleeping so well.  At his check up this morning, our doctor said it's because he is working on this new skill and doesn't want to be caged in his crib.  The good news is that he is sooooo much fun right now so I'll take the rough sleep if it goes along with these fun days.  

Oh, and a really hard night last night leads to one of these in the morning...

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

[handmade] banner stationary

Oh how paper thrills me.  I know this must sound strange to many of you out there but it truly delights me!

As a little girl, I used to cut up little pieces of paper, collect them in sandwich baggies, and walk around talking about my "perpers."  Wow.  So funny that I still find such satisfaction and joy in having a piece of paper between my fingers.  My heart beats a little faster, my mind starts racing, and I am ready to create.

Although this must sound strange to many of you out there, I'm sure there are a few of you who can relate.  Or maybe you have another hobby that you find such satisfaction from.  But I feel so lucky to have my wonderful husband who validates this hobby so much and makes it such a priority that I have my time and space to create.  Thanks, love!

Ok, enough of that.  On to sharing a photo or two!  Awhile back I met up with the lovely Elizabeth from Sew Chatty to talk handmade business.  She has an adorable store packed with beautiful handmade purses, bags, and wallets.  Seriously - if you are looking for a gift for someone, check out her shop.  Anyway, our visit was sooo helpful for me.  She gave me tons of greats tips and I feel like I understand what it takes to run your own business just a little bit more.

As a thank you to her, I brought her some of my banner stationary.  She loves ruffles and her aesthetic is very feminine and sweet so I thought she'd enjoy them.

These will be available in my shop - you'll just need to let me know what letter you want on the banner.  
I feel like I've been doing fabric ruffles on paper for forever but I'm still not over it.  Not sure if I ever will be.  

And, I was so pleased to see Elizabeth highlight my stationary in her post.  

Makes me happy.  :)

Monday, May 14, 2012


Pardon my absence from my little space here.  I've been traveling with Matt's wonderful family to St. Lucia!  We had an amazing time - pictures to come for sure - and now that we're back, we are readjusting to being home and getting the little man back on his schedule.  Wish us luck!

We love our little travel buddy.

Friday, May 4, 2012

[project life] week 6

This is a quick one pager.  I was getting kinda behind so I made a few one page spreads so I could get caught up and something happened....I realized I really love one page spreads for project life!  I'm thinking I'll do many more of them.  It allows me to document the major events and it takes half as much time.

Here it is!

This was a fun week!  J started sitting up for the first time at Stroller Strides and we went to Mississippi for a short weekend to visit Matt's family.  I also love the picture of him in the carseat at the grocery store. This was only a couple months ago but I forgot that I used to do that.  These are all of the momma moments that I would just lose over time if I didn't document them.  And this is why I LOVE project life still.  Yes, it's hard to keep up with it.  Yes, it takes a lot of organization and time.  But it is sooo worth it.  I am documenting our little life here and I know that we will love looking back at this.  I love it so much in fact that regular 12x12 scrapbooking hasn't happened in a while.  Is this the new thing for me??

[project life] week 5

I just loaded up 6 week...yes SIX WEEKS... of project life to share.

Here is week 5:

The super hero card was so easy and turned out to be one of my favorites.  I used a preprinted hello card by Marcy Penner (check out her store - everything is fabulous) and just added some washi tape and a date stamp.  Clean and simple.  I'm beginning to like that look more and more.  

The picture of my big boy eating solids for the first time is another favorite.  I really like the typing on velum.  Thank you, Ann-Marie, for the idea.  If you are doing Project Life, check out her blog.  She's got so many great ideas.
 That's all for now.  Happy Friday everyone!