Monday, February 27, 2012

baby food!!!

This little guy is eating solids now.  This was how he looked the first time he tried it.

He was a little uncertain!!

And this is how he looks now...
He loves it!!  

good morning

Good morning from the little guy!!

Friday, February 24, 2012

adore you (again)

I was going through my scrapbook and saw this oldie but a goodie.  I blogged it here back in June of 2010 but thought I'd photograph it again and do a little repost.

Lots of Elle's Studio here.  This was the beginning of my misting - oh, I was so excited about it but so uncertain of how to do it!  I guess I still feel kinda the same way.  I love my inks and mists but am still constantly figuring out different techniques to make them look how I want.

 A close up of the paper flowers.  I still love that heart paper I used as a matte and used it on a recent project life week!  Yeah, I keep my supplies for a loooong time.

Have a fabulous weekend!!

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

project life week 3

So once again please forgive the poor pictures.  They were taken at the same time as week 2 (and week 4...).

I'm still loving this project!  It has really taught me to look beyond the big moments and capture every day moments.  I find myself looking at my life through the lens of memory keeping.  What moments will I want to remember?  It's been fun for Matt too.  He's able to see the small moments that J and I share throughout the day.  I'm working on getting his daily life more involved in this project.

Week 4 there was a trip to Paper Source (love their motto), another trip to Congregation Ale House, J doing FaceTime with my parents, and a few other small memories (oh, and of course Starbucks).

I did a week in review at the beginning of the layout that gives a nice snapshot of the week.

I love my ampersand stamp and Amy Tangerine paper.

Plenty of washi tape and label stickers used here.  Plus a good deal of sewing.

Oh, and I feel sooo lucky... I've been wanting my Becky Higgins design a page protectors for so long and am one of the few that got them!  I've been checking Amazon daily and there they were in all of their glory.  And now they are gone.

Have a great day!


Tuesday, February 14, 2012

project life week 2

Here is week 2 of project life.  I have up to week 5 completed but I'm just a little behind on getting each layout photographed and up on the blog.  I guess I'm holding you all in suspense!

I apologize for the poor lighting.  The best time for photography hasn't really aligned with nap time so I'm just going to take what I can get.

This week there were flowers from Matt, a boy who was learning to roll over every time I put him down, meeting my first goal at Weight Watchers (woohoo!!), a walk with Lindy and Luke, an awesome date night, and Matt taking the boy for awhile over the weekend so I could have some "me" time.

I used some Elle's Studio and Marcy Penner on this week.

I was loving the October Afternoon label stickers this week.

And I think my current favorite is adding little banners to 4 x 6 pictures.

I'm still waiting for the Becky Higgin's Design A page protectors to come in (which according to one of her tweets, will be by the end of this week!!!).  Also, as I mentioned before, I'm not using one of the PL kits...I'm just using my stash.  It's a great way to use products I love.  I used to save them until the absolute perfect layout but found I never got around to using them up so this is the perfect project for me.

Once I have a few more weeks under my belt, I'll come up with a list of my favorites to help those of you out there that are wanting to participate.

Have a great day!

Ellie :)

Monday, February 13, 2012

happy (early) valentine's day!!

Happy (early) Valentine's Day everyone!  I hope you are able to spend time with the one you love!  I felt inspired to make a little Valentine's Day tag that will go in my project life album.  If you'd like one (or more) of them for yourself, I'd be happy to send them your way!  They are $1/50 each + shipping.

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

skinny chocolate bread pudding

Last night Matt and I were in the mood for chocolate.  Well, I was in the mood....Matt is always in the mood for chocolate.  I wanted to do something on the lighter side b/c I'm still working on this baby weight. I made these chocolate bread puddings and they were amazing!!  

Light may not be the right word because they were so rich and delicious but they were less calories.  


Sunday, February 5, 2012


I made some lollies last week and it's official....they are one of my favorite things to make.

Thursday, February 2, 2012

i've been busy

I've been busy working on this fun order!

Plenty of personalized stationary and tags.  Fun stuff!