Monday, June 28, 2010

Thoughts of a Scrapbooker

I was reading one of my favorite blogs,, and was inspired by her entry.  She was talking about how oftentimes, as a scrapbooker, she feels the need to defend herself and her hobby.  That is how I feel exactly!

Every time I tell someone that I scrapbook, I feel like I have to explain myself - explain that I love making things with paper, that it really is cool, that I'm not wasting my time or money....

Why do I do this?  I know other people think this is a dorky hobby.  I know other people think it is for people with no social lives.  But I don't need to worry what other people think about this hobby.  Bottom line, it is fun, it is such a source of joy for me, it is a way to document our memories for our Matt and I and for our future children, and it makes me feel good to make pretty things.  Do I need to have another reason?  I think not.  :)

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Adore You

I mentioned awhile back that our friend Jason took pictures of us in Pasadena.  I couldn't wait to get my hands on them to scrap them!  Here is the first one I did.  It is about how much I adore my Matthew.

Happy almost weekend!

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Two New Projects

I have a whole list of projects that I need/want to post here.  Today I'm going to post two of my favorite recent projects.

The first is a set of tags.

I love projects that I can finish in one short sitting.  For these I used a combination of Crate Paper's Brook line and Elle's Studio tags.  Of course I added distressing ink to the edges and misting on the tags.  

My wonderful friend (and sister-in-law) Val came to California this weekend for her baby shower.  Matt and I can't wait to have another little nephew!  Unfortunately I couldn't attend the shower because I was in Arizona for Coralanne's wedding but I wanted to make sure she had something from me to open there.  I made her a set of burp cloths.  I got the idea and basic pattern from Susan Weinroth and changed it up a bit.  I like the look of sewing not in straight lines like I do in my paper craft projects.  I think it makes these sweet burpies a little more whimsical and they go along nicely with the bird.  

I wrapped the burpies up with some raphia...

and then added ribbon and a handmade tag to complete the look.

Both the tags and the burpies will be available at my etsy store that is opening this summer.  If you'd like to order any before then, let me know.  

As always, thanks for reading!  


Hi everyone!  I've been a little MIA lately because I had the honor of being in my friend's wedding in Arizona!

Coralanne and I met when we were four and were best friends (more like sisters) all throughout elementary school, junior high, and high school.  I left Arizona to go to college and haven't been back much for nine years.  Although we didn't see each other as much during that time, she always made an effort to come see me in college and stay connected and involved in what was going on in my life.  She is such a loyal, wonderful friend and I am so thankful for her source of encouragement throughout these last 23 years.  I was able to stay with her for several days leading up to her wedding and it was so much fun!  I was so happy to be there to help her with last minute details, packing, and helping with odds and ends.  I am so happy for her and her husband, Eirik.  What a privilege it was to be her co - matron of honor.

Here we are when we were probably five.

She was also a MOH in my wedding four years ago.  

I have more crafty goodness to post today so check back later!

Sunday, June 13, 2010

My Top Ten List

Well, it is officially summer!!  I know it's summer around here because I'm not sad it's Sunday night!  Yes, I'd love for Matt to be off tomorrow but I'm thrilled I can sleep in.  So, to kick off the summer, I decided to make a list of the top ten things I'm looking forward to about summer.  Just to preface ... I'm sure I'll forget some of my favorites.

1.  More time with Matt - love you!!  

2.  Plenty of time to craft

3.  Learning to quilt - hopefully!!  Lindy, we have to do it!

4.  Felicity...need I say more?  I've never watched it and am already DEVOURING the first season.  Love it!

5.  More time for friends.  I love that most of my friends are stay at home moms or teachers so we'll be able to hang out during the day.

6.  The Bachelorette - don't you dare judge me! :)

7.  So You Think You Can Dance - Is it bad that so many of my entrees are T.V. shows?? mmm...

8.  Family Vacations

9.  Bike Riding

10.  Etsy!!


Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Two Days Until Summer!!

Here is another one of the pages from Kala's book.  It's pretty basic but I really enjoy the simple look.  Here are some more close-ups.

On to more exciting things (for me) ...  school is over in 2 days!!  I'll miss those little guys but I'm READY for a break, for some more time to create, and more time to relax.  I need it!  Matt and I always joke and say that I am a different person over the summer - Sellie (summer Ellie).  I'm excited for her to resurface again!  I'll be doing summer school again this year but only for 3 weeks.  I'm doing Camp K which is a program to get little ones ready for kindergarten.  It will be a change of pace, challenging, and a lot of fun!

What I am most excited about for the summer is time to work on my etsy shop!  I currently have someone helping me with business cards and I'm working on making enough goods so once I open the store, it is somewhat full.  Once it is up and going, I'll let you know!  Please feel free to pass the information for this blog around to anyone who you think might be interested.  This is not a private blog at all.

Thanks for reading!! :)

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Happy Birthday to Me!!

Saturday was my birthday and Matt planned a very fun birthday weekend for us.  We had wonderful food, went to the movies, saw South Pacific, and the best part, he surprised me with a massage here.  Then he gave me a wonderful present that I've been eyeing... the L Letterpress combo kit!!

So I can make things like this - 

Eeek!!  I can't wait to make all sorts of pretty things!! Thanks, Matt, for the best weekend!  I love you!