Tuesday, September 25, 2012

cozy wedding part 1

My friend Mariah Cozy (now Lipman!) got married on September 15th and I had the privilege of being involved in pieces of the design process!  She had me make the invitations and RSVP cards which I'll share later in the week.  She hired the incredibly talented Beth O'Brien to design the whole event and let me tell you, it was amazing.  Beth outdid herself once again.

Beth hired me to make signs for the wedding and reception.  I had so much fun working in digital instead of with paper and glue.  Paper and glue will always hold my heart but it's fun to add more skills into my toolbox.

The wedding was outdoors, elegant, simple, anthropology-esque, and just divine.  Here are the signs Beth had me make.  She did all of the decorating around the signs- I just created the physical signs.

Here's a sign that was at the entrance of the venue.  Beth found the amazing vintage door and wanted to hang a sign in the middle.
Here's a close up of the sign so you can see what it says.  I had so much fun mixing different fonts and colors.
Here's a guest book sign.  Aren't the flowers and mason jars gorgeous?  I love how the modern frames and clean signs look along such feminine, beautiful decorations.
This sign was to tell guests to sit wherever they want.  Again, I had so much fun mixing fonts and colors.
A simple sign for the bar.
And another simple sign for the menu.  Once again, I love the mix of modern and vintage here.  Can't you just tell that Beth is so good at what she does?

I also made a sign for the photo booth but forgot to photograph it!  Darn.  Oh, well...I think you get the point.  :)

Thanks for stopping by!  Come back by later in the week so you can see the invitations.


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