Thursday, April 15, 2010

Beth's Book

Here is Beth's baby book in full.  I had so much fun making this book!  Enjoy the pictures!  Warning - this post is very image heavy!

Page 1: I've been obsessed with flowers lately - you'll notice many throughout this book.

Page 2: You've seen this page.  For this book, every page on the left side is graph paper.  Beth can journal on this page as much or as little as she wants.  I also put the little rectangle label on each page with graph paper for Beth to put the date of the picture. 

Page 3: I got the idea for the bottom of this page from one of my favorite designers, Christine Middlecamp.  I punched circles using my 1 inch circle, folded in the sides, cut the circles in half, and lined them up under the brown cardstock.  

Page 6: I love the vintage birdcage on this page.  

Page 8: You've seen this page before.  

Ok, this loooong post is over!  Thanks for reading and looking at all of the pictures!


  1. Beautiful. She's going to be so happy with it. Christine Middlecamp would be so proud!

  2. WOW! I understand why you have a "craft room" now. This is the most incredible and precious baby book I've ever seen. :)