Wednesday, May 26, 2010

New Pictures

Hi everyone!  Matt and I recently had the privilege of getting photographed by our friend Jason Watts.  He is such a great photographer and wanted to take pictures of us in the best city ever - Pasadena!  We've lived here since we got married (almost four years ago) so it's so fun for us to have pictures of us here.  Plus, Jason is awesome!  You may notice the new picture of me on the blog - that's all Jason.  Check out other pictures of us at his blog at Jason Watts Photography

When he came last week to photograph us, he brought his wife Tabitha along.  The four of us had such a fun time taking pictures, talking it up, and then getting a fabulous dinner at The Kitchen in Pasadena.

Here are the next two pages of my little baby book.

No, that is not supposed to be Mickey in the top right corner.

Have a lovely night!


  1. You are a beautiful person inside and out!

  2. Mickey! Are you SURE that wasn't intentional?!!

  3. Wow Ellie,
    I knew you were crafty, but I am so impressed and inspired! I loved those tags that you made! They are so cute!