Tuesday, July 30, 2013


So I love podcasts.  I love them way more than listening to music.  My phone is LOADED up with them.  I listen to them as much as humanly possible but it's usually when I'm doing the dishes or cooking.  They make me look forward to those times.  So, I thought I'd do a little roundup of my favorites.  If you have any that you like, do share.  I'm always looking for a new show because like watching old shows on Netflix, I get addicted and then listen to like 100 episodes and then go through withdrawals.  
1.  Joy the Baker - Oh my gosh.  I just LOVE this podcast.  Joy from Joy the Baker and Tracy from Shutterbean chat about all things.  They do talk a bit about cooking but mostly you just feel like you are hanging out with two of your friends chatting it up.  They are soo hilarious....I may have made Matt come into the kitchen and listen to bits and pieces a time or two...or like every time.  I'm pretty sure we'd all be BFFs in person.  
2. This American Life - I've been listening to this one forever and I still thoroughly enjoy it.  I am so excited every Monday morning when it magically appears on my phone.  Matt listens to it too so we always talk about it and get way too invested in the stories.  Basically, it's a super well produced story telling radio program.  Sometime the stories come from headline news and sometimes they are super small.  Either way, they are incredibly well written and always give a new, untold perspective.  
3. Simple Mom - I found this one through Joy the Baker.  Tsh from Simple Mom hosts this podcast and has a regular line up of co-hosts.  They discuss mostly parenting and mom issues but much of it is about simplifying, giving yourself grace, and general parenting encouragement.  I really enjoy this podcast and bring a lot of it into my everyday life.  It's perfect for when I'm frazzled from a long day with the little guy.
4. Paperclipping Roundtable - This is the podcast that got me addicted to podcasts!  Noell is the host and every week she has different guests from the memory keeping/scrapbooking/craft industry.  They discuss everything from scrapbook techniques to how to tell a deeper story.  It's a lot of fun to listen to and helps me think about story telling more.  
5. The Kitchen Hour - I discovered this podcast recently and got through all of the episodes really quickly - there are only 10 and I'm hoping Meagin Francis continues to make more.  She made this podcast for people to listen to while they are in the kitchen getting dinner ready - as a way to make that time more fun.  She mostly talks about mothering but also discusses being on a budget, cooking tips, etc.
I also listen to anything from NPRWe're About To Be Friends, and Adventures in Arting.  
Do you have any podcasts you'd suggest???

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