Thursday, July 15, 2010

Right Now

I've mentioned before that I love this blog.  It is on my list of ones I check  She is so talented and I am always inspired by what she creates.  She does something on her blog called "currents".  It is a list of what she is currently into.  I thought I'd try it out!

listening: to Mike Birbiglia (Mike Bahooskie!)
drinking: a grande iced vanilla americano with half and half
wearing: pjs
feeling:'s the summer school weekend!
weather: hot
wantingthis stamp
needing: to do laundry
thinking: about my business cards - I can't wait to get them!!
enjoying: the summer....Sellie is happy
wondering: if I'll do a post like this again


  1. That makes me so happy! We have a couple of his albums and he just makes us laugh so much.