Saturday, July 24, 2010

Paper Folding

Here is another page from Kala's book.

I really liked this page because of the paper strips.  For each strip, I cut long pieces of paper that were 1 inch thick.  I folded each strip then sewed the whole thing to hold the folds.

It was a bit time consuming but I really like the end result.  I also LOVE any type of craft that I can zone out and do while watching TV.  I think I watched season 1 and much of season 2 of Grey's Anatomy (again) while making Kala's book.

I've mentioned before that my sister-in-law, Val, is having a baby boy in October.  They are naming him Sam :)  Anyway, I am now working on a book for her that I need to finish in 2 weeks.  I'll be busy over here!  It's already cute and boy and vintage .... yum.  As soon as it is done and in Val's hands, I'll share it here.

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