Saturday, September 7, 2013

wrapping gifts and {shop update} for you tag

Have you ever take that love languages quiz??  Gift giving is number one for me.  It's how I show love and how I receive it.  And it has nothing to do with how expensive or extravagant the gift is.  I just like to know that I am thought about and known.  When Matt comes home with a pack of orange tic tack for me, my heart immediately swells.  He knows that I love me some orange tic tack (let's not talk about how fast I consume said pack) and I love knowing that when he saw them in line at the market, he thought about me.  

One of my favorite things about gift giving is the wrapping.  I think that a great wrapping job seriously makes a present.  Opening a really pretty package is a gift in and of itself.  I rarely buy the standard gift bag/card because I really enjoy creating unique wrapping and to be honest, it's usually much cheaper to do a diy wrapping job.  Grab a roll of kraft wrapping paper to meet every gift giving need and then add personal touches.  And a tag.  That's a must.  

Oh's a little cutie....
It's just a little guy... 3 1/4" long.
Someone looks ready to party....

I sell these little guys over at my shop ( in packs of 8.  I am also happy to customize them for you if you would prefer a different little saying.  

Of course, these gorgeous pictures are done by Sarah Scheidler.  She's brill.  

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