Wednesday, August 14, 2013

winnie the pooh party

So this whole year Jonathan has loved Winnie the Pooh.  All things Winnie the Pooh.  It started when my grandpa gave him a Winnie the Pooh book and little sound toy thingy.  He loved it.  Then he went on the ride at Disneyland.  He LOVED that and the obsession began.  Books, the movie, a pooh bear stuffed animal, little rubber toys, listening to the songs until my eyes go crossed....we are full on obsessed.  So, as he approached his second birthday, it just made sense to have a pooh bear party.  Little did I know that it was hard to find Winnie the Pooh party stuff unless it's for a baby shower or first birthday.  Darn.  Plan B?  I'll make it all and turn it into a Pooh bear/honey party.  
Pooh was waiting at the door to greet guests.  This Pooh is so special because he used to be Auntie Val's when she was a little girl.  Red balloons were placed throughout the house because if you remember the story well, Pooh used a red balloon to float up to a beehive to try to steal honey.  What a little trickster.  :)
Each kid got a red balloon and an adorable beehive cookie as a take away gift.  The cookies were made by Cookies by Heidi and you guys, she's seriously amazing.  The detail in her work is incredible and they were sooo yummy.  If you need cookies for any event (or just make something up because they are that good), check her out!
The spread.  This was a morning party so we had breakfast foods - a couple of egg bakes, monkey bread, make your own parfaits with fresh fruit, bagels, and honeycomb cereal.  That adorable vintage Winnie the Pooh chair was a birthday present for Jonathan from our dear friend Lindy.  She also made that sweet little silhouette of my boy's face.  Thanks, Lindy!! 

We had coloring pages and Pooh bear books and toys out for the kids.  Here is Jonathan yelling, "Cheese!!!" while squeezing Piglet.  I swear to everything good and holy, he is not trying to murder him.  Piglet is a love in our home. :)
One of the joys of having a summer birthday is being able to swim!  So we had the waterin' hole (swimming pool) set up in the backyard and the kids had so much fun.  Such easy entertainment.  
Here are a couple of shots of the birthday banner I made.  All of the letters are sewn on using my machine to give it a more whimsical, handmade look.  It is currently for sale in my shop - click here to check it out.  I'm also making custom banners so if you have a special occasion coming up, let me know!  

Ok y'all, that's all for now.  Now onto planning and preparing for the next party...this weekend!!  

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