Monday, July 2, 2012

where have I been?!

Oh my goodness.  Where have I been?  Matt kindly pointed out last night that I haven't posted for awhile...thanks, Sweetie!  It's good to know that I have at least one reader out there!! has been crazy.  With a capital C.  Here's the update.  We are trying to sell our condo.  That alone is a HUGE job.  We've been cleaning, decluttering, and since May 8th, have had to keep it in perfect condition for showings.  Mr. J, aka the sweetest baby in the world, has also become the busiest baby in the world!  He is cruising, trying to stand on his own, and is now trying to walk!  He keeps trying to walk on his own and then of course falls flat on his face.  He'll get it.  But in the meantime, I'm busy keeping playing with him, taking care of time, and cleaning up after him.  So yeah, we've been busy :)

But I do miss this place and promise I'll share some of the fun I've been up to.  This summer I'm working on wedding invitations (woohoo!!!) and some other fun stuff.  And I actually took out some scrapbooking stuff over the weekend and had a chance to play with paper.  And let me tell you it was good for the soul.  So yeah, I'll be around more.

Have a wonderful Monday!!

Oh, and here are some older pictures of my busy boy :)

 He love climbing on everything and anything.  Doesn't he look mighty proud of himself?!

Thanks for helping with the laundry, little Mr! Pardon the blur.  It's just too cute and funny not to share.

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