Wednesday, April 4, 2012

7 months

How is my sweet boy 8 months tomorrow?!  I really don't understand how it happened so fast.  In honor of his little birthday, I'd like to review what he was like as a 7 month old.

As I'm sure you've noticed, this post is always a hard one for me to get out in time.  I'm so so so glad I do it .... make the onesie, do a photoshoot, blog his month.... but it has been a challenge!  I know I usually never take the pictures on the day he actually turns the next month but my goal has changed to at least doing it at some point during the month.  I know that as I look back on these in the years to come, I'll care more that I did it, not that I did it perfectly.  In my house, I'm constantly listening to Paperclipping Roundtable and it has seriously changed the way I view memory keeping - mainly that I don't need to follow any rules, that I do it my way, and that some is better than none.  This episode really changed my perspective and helped me realize that as long as I do something, even if there are holes and it isn't done perfectly, I'll just be happy that I did it.

Ok, enough of the long tangent and on to my little boy!!

At 7 months, J ...

... is such a little delight!  So many smiles and giggles!  We've had our share of crabby days as well (I mean, he is a baby after all) but over all, he's so even tempered and happy.  Just like his daddy!

... LOVES his solid food.  He has now currently had rice cereal, oatmeal, bananas, peaches, pears, mango, avocado, butternut squash, sweet potatoes, peas, and carrots.  So far, he likes it all.  Initially he wasn't a fan of avocado but I think it's hard to live in California and keep that up!

... still doesn't love his bottle and formula.  He drinks it but it can be quite a challenge...especially now that he is getting so busy and would rather play!!

... is on the move!!  He is crawling everywhere and I have realized that life is changing a little bit.  I've gotta keep my eye on him! It's so much fun though.  He loves to be moving around and checking everything out.

... is now finally liking his doorway jumper.  He does more of a run/dance in it than a jump but does it with squeals of delight.

... still has two bottom teeth but is now working on the top two.  When will they make their appearance?!

... LOVES "talking."  He is quite social and I know that when he is able to talk, we'll be having some lengthy conversations.  Can't wait to hear what's on his mind. :)

.... sits up all of the time!  When he was learning to walk, he would take one step and then sit for while.

... still loves his sleep.  He loves his crib and enjoys playing in it for awhile before he actually goes to sleep.  Yes, I know I'm very lucky.

... loves his momma and dadda.  Matt gets more giggles and peels of laughter than I'd ever dream of getting.  I get adoring looks and coos.  Yeah, we're in love.

Can you tell that we love parenthood!?  There have been challenges and I know there will be so many more but we feel so blessed.


  1. The last picture is my favorite! His little eyes peaking to the side. What a character.

  2. I know, right?! The pictures I took right after that are him chasing me with a HUGE grin on his face :)