Sunday, October 10, 2010

Day 3

We are in Atlanta right now because we have a new nephew!!  Matt's sister, Val, gave birth to the precious Samuel Matthew at 1 AM Thursday morning.  He is just perfect.  Congrats to the new parents - Val and Brian.  Love you both!  Unfortunately I don't have pictures to share at this point but when we get home, I'll load 'em up. 

It is great to be here with family, relaxing, holding the babe, and reading.  I always get some good reading in while on vacation - even if it is only for a weekend.  This weekend it is the wonderful Artful Blogging magazine.  I HIGHLY recommend it and it just affirms what I am trying to do here.  Although I've only been blogging for a couple of months, I had no idea how it would transform my life already.  I used to journal but haven't for a long time.  This has become a sort of online journal.  A place where I can share what I am up to but also reflect on what is going on - be it my crafts, family events, or my newest "truths" posts.  Ok, before I lose you all (which maybe I already have), onto day 3.

Day 3: Something you have to forgive yourself for

Wow - another tough one.  I think forgiveness is really hard for me - I wish it wasn't.  Just as hard as it is for me to forgive others, it's harder for me to forgive myself.  I'm guessing that is normal. 

I thought about this one long and hard and realized it is more of a daily issue for me.  Whenever I feel like I say something that hurts someone's feelings, make a mistake, or feel like I ruin a moment, I have a hard time letting go.  One time on a trip, I blew up at my family and kinda freaked out and felt like I already ruined the trip or something.  My mom said, "Do you think you have that much control?"  Wow ... that was life changing for me.  From then on, when I feel like I've ruined a moment by being a jerk, instead of dwelling on it forever (I still dwell for awhile) I think about what my mom said.  Do I  really think I'm that important or in that much control that  I can ruin eveyone else's time?  It's still a struggle but little by little, I'm getting better at forgiving myself for the small things. 

If you made it to the end of this post, good job!  I have a lot of orders so you'll see some fun crafty posts coming up.

Love to you all!

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