Thursday, November 8, 2012

grey patchwork stationery

I love making things for people who appreciate them.  I find so much joy in creating so when someone else likes what I make, I am instantly happy.  I immediately move that person to the top of my "remember to make things for these people" list.  Well, such a list doesn't actually exist, but it does in my mind!

Anyway, my friend Sarah of go deep. find truth. commented on one of my stationery packs on Instagram.  I was so touched and instantly wanted to make her a mini pack as a little happy.  I sent her this little package and she was so sweet to do a write up on her blog about it.  I promise...that wasn't my intention...I just wanted to brighten her day.  Well she made my day with her blog entry so it was a nice little win-win for both of us :)

Here's said mini pack...

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