Friday, November 18, 2011

{three months}

This happened on November 5th but better late than never, right??

So, at 3 months, Jonathan….

…has his hands in his mouth at all times.  He is constantly sucking and drooling.  He sucks on those little fingers so hard that I can here him from across our home!

…is eating a new formula.  His old formula just wasn’t settling well with him and he was still not eating well.  We LOVE his new formula, Gerber Good Start Protect.  It is wonderful.

…is doing a lot of “full- body smiles” – he pulls his feet up when he smiles and swings his arms around. 

…just laughed his first squeal of delight today (11/18) when he was playing with his dadda.  It was the most wonderful sound!

…loves his sleep.  He loves to be put down at night to go to sleep.  Boy does he let you have it if you try to cuddle him to sleep at night.  The boy loves his alone time. J

…enjoys a couple of toys!  He can pick them up and bring them to his mouth and suck to his hearts content.  We named this giraffe Gilly after this wonderful sketch on Saturday Night Live.

…is starting to sit in his Bumbo chair!  He always looks part happy, part concerned, and part proud when he is in it.

…wants to “stand” all of the time.  When we put him on his feet (with us holding him up of course), he smiles so, so proud.  What a big boy!!

…now smiles at me during Stroller Strides.  I must look really funny doing lunges and squats. 

…has found his feet.  He hasn’t started sucking on them yet but stares at them like they are the most glorious things around.  Aren’t they???

…is still a talker.  And I love it. 

We love you baby boy!! 

P.S. Matt, if I forgot anything, will you add it in the comments??  Thanks J


  1. - Graduated from a bassinet to a rumbler seat in his stroller
    - Went on his first airplane ride to Colorado and was AMAZING
    - Went to his very first football game and loved watching the Trojans win
    - Loves a good dance party with mamma
    - Has poops that you can smell from across the room
    - Is quite the drooler
    - Is my favorite boy in the whole wide world!!

  2. She is so cute!!! I love the "3" on her onsie, I always wanted to do that with my kids but never did.